Teaching & Learning Resources

Center for Teaching Excellence

Innovative Learning Classroom Building (ILCB), Suite 317
4246 TAMU | College Station, TX 77843-4246

PHONE: 979.845.8392 
EMAIL: cte@tamu.edu

  • Consults instructors and offers suggestions for enhancing teaching
  • Conducts classroom observations
  • Interprets student-evaluation data
  • Helps assess student learning
  • Supports writing teaching-philosophy documents and compiling teaching portfolios
  • Supports graduate teaching assistants
  • Promotes best practices in teaching and enhancing student learning


Data and Research Services

PHONE: 979.845.7838 

General Services Complex
750 Agronomy Road, Suite 1115
1244 TAMU | College Station, Texas 77843-1244

  • Provides testing opportunities for college-credit hours through CLEP, departmental credit-by-exam, or correspondence courses
  • Provides scanning services for exams and research
  • Creates and conducts surveys for research, customer satisfaction, and assessment using online, paper-based, or telephone methods
  • Analyzes and reports results of local and national survey projects
  • Conducts student ratings of instructors


Disability Resources

PHONE: Main Office:  (979) 845-1637 (voice/relay)
Testing Center:  (979) 862-4570 (scheduling)
Testing Center: (979) 458-1102 (check-in desk)
Assistive Technology Services:  (979) 845-0390
Videophone (Sign Language/ASL):  (866) 860-7701
Fax Machine: (979) 458-1214
EMAIL: General Information: disability@tamu.edu
Testing Center: testadmin@tamu.edu
Assistive Technology Services: ats@disability.tamu.edu

471 Houston Street
1224 TAMU | College Station, Texas 77843

  • Consults through accommodations counseling, evaluation referral, and disability-related information
  • Offers adaptive technology services, exam and classroom accommodations, and transcription services for academically related purposes
  • Provides resources and referral information about other disability services


Help Desk Central

PHONE: 979.845.8300

Computing Services Center, room CS00 

  • Houses a 24-hour service facility that provides computing assistance to students, instructors, and staff
  • Serves as a central point of contact for computing-related issues, both on campus and beyond
  • Manages computing accounts and allocations
  • Tracks and monitors viruses, malware, and other security threats
  • Offers fee-based computer and other hardware repairs


Instructional Media Services

Blocker Media Center
BLOC 168

Harrington Media Center
HECC 109

Health Science
Technology Center

REYN 102

ILCB Media Center
ILCB 312

West Campus Media Center 

  • Supports and maintains technology-enhanced classrooms throughout campus
  • Provides, supports, and delivers various reservable equipment, such as data projectors, laptops, videocameras, and media players
  • Supports and maintains registrar-controlled classroom equipment, such as data projectors, desktop computers, display screens, media players, document cameras, SMART Sympodiums, and wireless microphones


Office of Institutional Effectiveness & Evaluation

PHONE: 979.862.2918
EMAIL: assessment@tamu.edu

1157 TAMU | College Station, TX 77843

  • Supports and assists assessment initiatives throughout the university, particularly those involving university-wide assessment and accreditation
  • Consults instructors and staff who develop and implement program-level assessment plans and reports, student-learning outcomes, assessment methods, and other evidence of student learning
  • Offers workshops regarding assessment


Open Access Labs

  • Provide computer access, classrooms, testing facilities, and group study areas
  • Provide general and specialized workstations
  • House walk-up resource desks and offer informational guides about campus computing resources
  • Feature a variety of printing capabilities


Texas A&M Information Technology

  • Provides university-wide Information Technology (IT) services and resources to support academic and research pursuits at Texas A&M
  • Provides network and videoconferencing connectivity
  • Provides telecommunications and high-performance computing
  • Administers university IT grant programs
  • Affiliated with numerous regional and national IT initiatives


University Libraries

Cushing Library Archives
5000 TAMU College Station, TX 77843

Medical Sciences Library    
4462 TAMU College Station, TX 77843

Policy Sciences &
Economics Library

5002 TAMU College Station, TX 77843

Sterling C. Evans
Library and Annex

5000 TAMU College Station, TX 77843

Business Library and Collaboration Commons
 5001 TAMU College Station, TX 77843

  • Supports instructors and graduate students who teach research-intensive and/or writing-intensive courses
  • Offers in-class library informational sessions, workshops, and web-based tutorials
  • Consults instructors about how to incorporate library research and resources in any course and in any academic discipline
  • Consults instructors about how to create effective library assignments and use specific library services and resources


University Writing Center

PHONE: 979.458.1455
EMAIL: uwc@tamu.edu

1.214 Sterling C. Evans Library (Second floor on Evans Library) 
205 Business Library & Collaboration Commons (Second floor on BLCC) 

  • Supports all student writers, both graduate and undergraduate, through individually tailored consultations, writing resources on the web, and workshops
  • Supports instructors who teach written and oral communication through services such as Undergraduate Writing Assistants, newsletters, workshops, and online resources
  • Consults instructors about how to incorporate writing in any course and in any academic discipline
  • Conducts workshops about written and oral communication in both undergraduate and graduate courses
  • Provides training for graduate student teachers in the area of writing instruction