Educational Technology Requests

Guidelines for Proposing Integrations with eCampus or New Teaching Tools

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Please read these request process guidelines in their entirety before proceeding to the request form.

  • Do you know if this teaching tool is already offered or if eCampus currently includes this integration? Check the Systems & Software page or the eCampus Integrations page for a current listing.
  • Do you have a suggestion to change or improve eCampus? eCampus is powered by Blackboard Learn, version 9.1. Contact us to request system enhancements or features.

Prior to Request

Try out the software as much as possible before your request. If the request is for an integration, such as a Building Block or Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) with eCampus, use the software directly from the publisher or vendor first. The process to add new software or integrations can be extensive and time consuming, so please provide at least six (6) months before you plan to use the software.

Important Note about Cybersecurity Reviews: Due to ongoing IT policy alignments and security compliance initiatives, the Texas A&M Division of Information Technology has started conducting cybersecurity reviews for many existing and prospective systems, software, and integration packages. Any educational technology requests are subject to cybersecurity reviews before full implementations can be planned and scheduled.

For more information about cybersecurity reviews, refer to the Office of the Vice President & Chief Information Officer's Information Security Program.

The Request Process

We will work with you and the vendor to determine the technical requirements and any limitations for the product or service. Once we have more information, our leadership team will conduct a high-level, initial review of the product or service and then determine how to proceed.

A project manager and consultant will be designated to oversee the implementation and be in contact with you. If approved, we will internally evaluate the software and, in the case of eCampus integrations, test it in the learning management system to ensure it does not affect system integrity or other features.

After we have tested the software and confirmed licensing and security, our leadership team will evaluate the outcomes and make a final determination. If fully approved, we will train internally to support the product or service, designate an application manager, and then implement it into production (i.e., "go live" with the product or service).

Our primary concerns include:

  • Usability and educational value of the product
  • Accessibility
  • FERPA compliance
  • Interaction with existing products
  • Vendor support and licensing
  • Costs and payment

Your Role in the Request Process

Place the request early, at least six (6) months before you plan to use it.

We may request that you:

  • Assist with testing
  • Work with the vendor
  • Discuss using the software with your students or unit

By making this request, we will consider you to be the primary point of contact for this product or service.

Keep in Mind

When working with vendors, remember they are attempting to sell a product or service. Software does not always work as advertised and its actual usage may not be as seamless as it initially appears.

We will attempt to provide accurate timelines for implementation. However, be aware that communication with vendors, security issues, backlogs, busy times of the year, or internal technical complications may cause delays.

I hereby acknowledge I have read the request process guidelines and would like to proceed to the request form.

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