Success Stories

Good Bull in Online Learning

We asked students to share their success stories from the quick transition to online for our Instagram contest. This gave us the opportunity gather positive, open-ended feedback straight from students about TAMU faculty efforts during the Spring 2020 term. These vignettes give us feedback to continuously improve upon our efforts.
Good Bull From the Front Lines


"The transition to online classes was definitely that - a transition, but Dr. Carr made the process as smooth as possible. She consistently held Zoom office hours, recording her sessions for students who could not make the time. If work conflicted with the class, then she was flexible and willing to help. She made a groupme for everyone to stay up to date with information and continued to ask us how she could improve. Every week she dedicated her time and compassion to us."

​submitted by Serah Wiedenhoefer 
about Dr. Chavela Carr,
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics


"Transitioning to online learning for veterinary school was definitely difficult but it also allowed the professors to show more of the personal side that we often don’t see. One professor loved seeing everyone’s pets during lectures and would dedicate a couple minutes and the end of class to allow everyone to share a quick Zoom peek of their pets. Another professor decided to bring their comedy to class and dressed as the bovid king to bring some much needed laughs to our days!"

​submitted by Arturo
College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences


"The best place to start was with a sound change management. My academic advisors, Dr. Lara-Alecio & Dr. Irby assisted me with the adjustment process. When working on a transition like this, they taught me how important it was not to worry, but rather take a moment to reflect on the goals of my learning outcomes. They supported me to handle & manage change. This kind of social emotional experience improved my abilities to pivot in the pandemic, providing me with a discovery process to develop my skills in digital literacy & use online tools to collaborate. I appreciate all their warm support & cheerful encouragement!!! Stay safe & healthy!!!"

submitted by Roya Pashmforoosh
about Dr. Lara-Alecio and Dr. Irby,
College of Education and Human Development
Educational Psychology

"There’s a reason I don’t take online classes. So this semester was definitely harder for me. But Dr. Rold in the communication department made my life easier! He made sure to make the transition as easy as possible. He made minimal changes to the course load and the syllabus was almost identical. He was great in his clear and concise lectures. I loved his class and he made sure that it was delivered in the simplest format to avoid confusion."

submitted by Noemi Contreras
about Dr. Rold,
College of Liberal Arts
Communication Department

"My french professor, Mr. Charlot was so amazing this semester!! He found a way to make Zoom lectures interactive and fun by using the breakout rooms and whiteboard features! He also scheduled an optional Thursday Zoom social hour that allowed us to connect with our classmates more, and I really appreciated that in a time when any kind of social interaction was hard to come by!"

​submitted by Katie Seabolt
about Jean Baptist Charlot,
College of Liberal Arts
French Department

"Not gonna lie the transition into online classes was tough especially for engineering students. Some of my professors don’t do great using some of the instructional devices inside of zachery already. However there was one professor of mine who made the transition as seamless as possible. Dr. Fink has always done everything he can to help his circuit analysis students understand the material presented. When classes were announced to be moved online Dr Fink went out and spent his own money on instructional devices to aid in teaching through online classes. He also was successful in keeping the format of his class consistent throughout. If I had to pick one professor who I would award it would be Dr. Fink."

submitted by Ryan LaBarbera
about Dr. Rainer Fink,
College of Engineering
Mechanical Engineering Department

What Aggies are Saying

Aggies shared their experience with KEEP TEACHING during the Spring 2020 semester. We have compiled their feedback; and with the spirit of the 12th Man, provided tips to help you better facilitate your online course.

Keep Teaching with the 12th Man


"We are spending as much time learning online as you are probably spending teaching online."

Pro Tip:  Create efficiencies for you and your students by sequencing your course content so that you establish familiarity through repetition and rhythm.

"We would appreciate more real-time engagement opportunities with our professors."  

Pro Tip: Consider holding online office hours using Zoom.

"We cannot always find the Zoom link to recurring class meetings."

Pro Tip: Post the recurring link as an Announcement in eCampus and/or use the Zoom tool integrated into eCampus.

"Sometimes our group members don’t pull their weight."

Pro Tip: Provide more structure/guidance ahead of time on what group participation should entail and include accountability steps as part of the project requirements.

"We would appreciate a more standardized exam experience."

Pro Tip: Select one method for administering exams, communicate this to students at the start of the semester, and try not to change exam delivery methods so that students know what to expect ahead of time.

"Sometime our internet connection is weak at home because of others sharing the connection." 

Pro Tip: Consider alternatives to video-rich content and/or provide variations to content so that video streaming is not essential to content access. 

"More often than not we are participating in our online classes from our mobile device." 

Pro Tip: Minimize text on slides by removing unnecessary words and breaking down long sentences.

"We can feel isolated during our online classes." 

Pro Tip: Start synchronous Zoom class sessions with an icebreaker that focuses on something positive. 

"Breakout Rooms allow us to get to know our peers in ways we did not before."

Pro Tip: Create opportunities for Breakout Rooms either informally to build online community or as part of group project requirements.

"We cannot always find out communication from our professors."

Pro Tip: Use the Announcements tool in eCampus over email so that there is an archive established.

"We are all in this together!"

Pro Tip: Students are a great resource to help with the technology during synchronous Zoom class sessions.

"We really do appreciate all that you are doing!"

- Student Body